The public blog of Lipsum - the text generator

Friday, April 01, 2005

Lipsum's blog have been launched!

Welcome everyone!

Why am i started this blog?
1. I've started this blog, because i would like to go one step further to the Open Source development term, and i want to proceed an Open Thought development of my little random text generator, Lipsum.
This application isn't a big stuff, just a really simple random text generator, similar to the great online generators on the internet. The only difference is that Lipsum can be used locally on the computer, and doesn't need an internet connection.
2. The other thing is that i'm relatively new to Python, and i would like to develop Lipsum in Python. Both for fun and for practicing this interesting programming language. So through sharing my experiences with others this way, may help me to improve in Python, and others also to avoid the torture that i may have to suffer. :)

So, please feel free to comment anything relating Python development, Lipsum development or anything else (we'll decide later, what is an offtopic in this case :) )